Taita basket - black brown & ivory - S16

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Meet our collection of traditional yet contemporary natural sisal baskets, hand-woven by our women’s group, according to TAITA tradition, in the rural villages between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks in Kenya.

These baskets are woven from sisal, a plant that grows well in the dry Kenyan climate. The women grow sisal on their own fields, then they twist and colour the sisal until it becomes a beautiful rope. Most weaving groups meet every few weeks to weave baskets together, and continue their weaving at home when it best suits them. The baskets come in a number of different colours and patterns and each basket is completely unique!

By buying these handmade baskets you are helping these ladies and their families to generate an alternative income to agriculture. Click here if you are interested to know more about these wonderful ladies and how the baskets are made. Find out more on our About Us page.

Measurements : 19 cm height x 15 cm dia


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