Kikoy towel - stripey red with lilac towel lining

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A kikoy fabric is usually designed in very bright, bold and powerful colors making them a fabulous item to have, especially on hot days or at a fun occasion where bright clothing is the order of the day. More and more people use a kikoy towel at the beach, in the sauna or in the swimming pool.

Kikoy is a Swahili word meaning “loincloth or wrap” ie something to wrap around you. Businessman from Arabia came sailing over the Indian Ocean and disembarked in several cities along the East African Coast. Originally, it was exclusively made and worn by men from the East African coast. Now women use the kikoy as a skirt too. The ends of the kikoy need to be hand twisted and knotted to stop the woven fabric from unraveling. This job is usually done by the women and Maisha.Style makes sure that these women are being paid a fair fee for their product & labour. Find out more on our About Us page.

Measurements : 160 x 95 cm

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